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Sports Day

June 14th, 2018


Sports Day 2018


On Wednesday 21st of May, St Nicholas Primary School had their Sports day. At the beginning we started with the sprints starting from reception up. The bronze ambassadors and 3 teachers were waiting at the finish line for every single race. The races were so exciting and everybody tried their best. A couple people fell over but it didn’t get to them, they got up and carried on.


After the sprints we got into our house teams to do our team events. Everyone made a huge contribution towards their teams score.


Next came the marathon and everyone gave it a go. There was a stunning show of teamwork and perseverance. Keira’s mum even joined in on the last lap.

By Amy and Jess Evans.


Sports Day. 

The first race was Acorns.

Second was Chestnuts.

Third was Willows.

Fourth was Ash.

Fifth was Acers.

Then it was Oaks last.

Then we separated into house groups: Okeford, Hambledon, Stour and Hod.

Hod were doing the obstacle course,

Stour did skipping ,

Okeford did egg and spoon race,

Hambledon did sack race.

Then it was the marathon first it was key stage 1 they did really well, then it was time for k stage 2. We did really well -we were still going  and so was everyone else.

By Tristan and Rudi.





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