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Inspirational Interhouse Cross Country

February 5th, 2018

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On Monday, we had an inter house cross country, it was amazing and inspirational. Every child  tried their very best and achieved our school motto ‘To Be The Best We Can Be’. The year 6 boys showed a huge amount of support towards Tristan and helped him to finish- it was a absolute pleasure to see. No one didn’t complete the race although it was exhausting. I think every one was proud of themselves and their team. Well done to the 1st place winners: Archie (Year 6), Santi (Year 5), James (Year 4) and Jesse (Year 3). I would also like to mention Jess.H who was ecstatic about being the first Year 6 girl to cross the finish line in 3rd place. I could say the same about Annalise (Year 5), who came in 2nd, Amalee, who came in 5th and Maisie, who came in 2nd (Year 3).  I would also like to thank all the Year 5s and 6s who helped cheer and encourage people to keep going. A special mention to the sports ambassadors who also helped score the places and points and set up the course in their spare time.

Now onto the results:

  • In Year 3 Stour were in the lead with 25 points
  • In Year 4 Hambledon and Okeford were in the lead with 28 points
  • In Year 5 Okeford were in the lead with 23 points
  • In Year 6 Stour were in the lead with 25 points.

The other teams tried really hard and should be proud of themselves. The points were really close all the way through the process of points given. There were 2 teams who were neck and neck all the way through.

Now for the overall results!

In 4th place was Hod with 56 points

In 3rd place was Stour with 67 points

In 2nd place was Hambledon with 79 points

In 1st place with an amazing 86 points was Okeford

Well done Okeford and everyone who did their very best you should all be proud!



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