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January 5th, 2018

Inter-house tournaments.

4th January 2018.


Today Acers and Oaks class played a netball inter house competition and played extremely well. Each team had a team captain: Amy(Stour), Keira(Hod), Jessie(Hambledon) and Maisy(Okeford). The team captains showed incredible support to the other players. All the teams showed utter determination and courage let alone teamwork. Everyone tried really hard and they understood and took under their wing all the positions that were given to them.
1. Okeford v Stour = Okeford won
Hambledon v Hod = they drew
2. Hambledon v Stour = Hambledon won
Okeford v Hod = Okeford won
3. Hambledon v Okeford = they drew
Hod v Stour = Stour won
Over all (with the tag rugby totals as well) the results were decided.
1st place = Hambledon
2nd place = Okeford
3rd place = Stour
4th place = Hod
All the teams played exceptionally well!
Well done!!!
By Jessie Evans


On Thursday, Acers and Oaks had an inter-house competition. The first two games were Hod v Hambledon and Stour v Okeford.  Hambledon won against Hod and Okeford beat Stour. The second two games were Hod v Okeford and Stour v Hambledon. Okeford won against Hod and Hambledon beat Stour. The third and final game was Hod v Stour and Okeford v Hambledon. Hod and Stour drew and Hambledon beat Okeford.

Overall Hod and Stour came joint third, Okeford came second and Hambledon came first. The tournament was played in good spirit even though it was very windy and cold.

      Reported by Natty.               


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