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School Council

October 10th, 2016

School Council

At the beginning of each term, representatives from each class are elected. We also vote for a chair person, vice-chairperson.

At the meetings we decide what we do well and what we could do to improve the school. We don’t just decide ourselves but ask our classmates too through questionnaires and surveys. We also help to put the School Development Plan priorities into language we can understand and do our bit to help to achieve them. In 2015-16 our priorities were:

  • To improve our writing and maths by understanding our next steps
  • To make sure everyone understood what it means to be a church school
  • To make lessons great

Throughout the year we fed back to our classmates to let them know how we were doing.

We asked the children what they felt about writing and how teachers could make it better

We made a display with ideas from all the classes about what makes a great lesson

We also reflected on whether or not we’d made a difference and developed our Children’s notice board so all of us could have a say.

The School Council is important to us because we are listened to and we can help make our school a really great place to learn!


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