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The PTFA (Parents’, Teachers’ and Friends’ Association)

March 11th, 2017

March 2017

Welcome to the PTFA!

We are a thriving group of parents, teachers and friends of the school who meet together regularly to organise events to raise funds for those things which the school budget just doesn’t stretch to.  For example, in the last year, we have contributed over £5000 on the Early Years outdoor play area, along with funding for the wildlife area and lunchtime play equipment.  We fund the cost of coaches for school trips, including the fees for visiting theatre groups (this year we contributed £1770), and we provided a fantastic Christmas party for all the children.  Over the coming year, we will be raising money to replace the play areas for the older children, along with funding for a new hall projector, books and musical equipment.


Almost more fun than spending money is raising it!

This is a selection of the events organised over the past academic year:

sponsored bounce for the whole school,

Film night

KS1 school discos,

Sponsored Rock climb

Vintage Tea Party,

cake sales,

and our locally famous summer fete.


If you are interested in getting involved, please phone me on 07855 719571 talk to PTFA member, or contact the school office.

Tanya Mason-Flynn (PTFA Chair).




Chair: Tanya Mason-Flynn

Vice Chair: Alice Chapman

Treasurer: Carol Wee

Secretary: Katie Morton


Teacher Rep: Mrs Sanders and Mrs Maley


We also have a “Helpers List” if you would like to help but don’t want to commit to regular meetings.

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