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If you would like paper copies of any of our policies, please email:

Summary of Statutory Policies

Statutory policies required to be displayed on the school website:


Admissions Policy 2018-19

Admissions Policy 2019-20

Admissions Policy 2020-21

Application for Admission to St Nicholas on Religious Grounds

SEN and Disability Policy, SEND Information and Intimate Care Policy (see SEND page)
Behaviour and Discipline Policy Single Equality Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy Supporting children with medical conditions and managing medicines Policy (see SEND page)
Publication of Equality Information (see SEND page)


Some other statutory policies:


Accessibility Policy (see SEND page) GDPR Privacy Notice for Children in Need etc Information
Child Protection Policy GDPR Privacy Notice for Pupil Information
Code of Conduct (Staff) GDPR Privacy Notice for School Workforce Information
Complaints Procedure Health and Safety Policy
Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Members of Staff and Volunteers Home School Agreement
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy Sex and Relationships and PSHE Education Policy
Freedom of Information Policy


A selection of some of the school’s non-statutory policies (these policies are currently being rationalised and reformatted by the Policy Committee:


Accident Reporting and First Aid in School Policy Financial Procedures Policy
Appendices 2 and 3 available on request Green Procurement Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy iPad policy
Assessment Policy Maths and Calculation Policy and Progression in Calculation
Attendance Policy Mobile and Electronic Devices Policy
Computing Policy Physical Education and Physical Activities Policy
Critical Incidents and General Emergency Procedures Policy Prevent Policy
Curriculum Policy Recruitment and Employment Policy
Drugs Policy Redundancy Policy
Educational Visits Policy Rights Respecting (see Rights Respecting page)
English Policy Science Policy
E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy Social Networking Policy
Ethos Policy Whistleblowing Policy




 Lettings Policy  Lettings Policy Booking Form


All school polices are reviewed regularly either by the Full Governing Body or by one of its committees. For any questions or enquires into the full range of school polices please contact Robert Wellen (, the Clerk to the Governing Body.

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