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Cyber Security workshop.

February 2nd, 2018


Oaks enjoyed learning about how to stay safe on the internet. Here are their top tips:

1. Choose a safe password and change it regularly.

2. Don`t talk to strangers online even if they are being nice to you and offering rewards.

3. Don`t say things on line that you wouldn`t say in real life.

4. Don`t give out any personal information on line.

5. Always tell a responsible adult if you are worried about any on line problems.

6. Make sure that you have good security settings.

7. Keep a copy of any nasty messages so that you can report them.


Another Action Packed Week in Oaks.

January 28th, 2018



On Monday, the class watched some dramatic and emotional videos about the effects of earthquakes on people around the world. They discussed the impact of such disasters on people`s lives and then took part in some drama, in which they tried to imagine what it would be like to be involved in an earthquake and the aftermath. The drama included  a brief spell of time in the playground without jumpers on to get a little taste of being cold, uncomfortable and unable to find shelter. The staged arrival of the survival tent brought genuine relief to everyone (apart from Mrs Scott, who got her socks wet!) Mrs Salisbury was amazed at how compassionate and empathetic the children were, and commended them for their insightful comments and thoughts.

The drama session made the children realise how vital and life changing the survival tent project is and their ensuing stories and accounts reflected their feelings about the good work carried out by `Shelter Box`. The class will be thinking of ways to raise money for this worthy charity.

Many of the beautifully written stories were emotional and heartfelt,  but one in particular brought tears to the eyes of many listeners when it was read out in assembly on Friday. A collection of the work can be seen in Oaks class. Please feel free to come and have a read.


The class have had their last week learning about the Anglo Saxons and have  enjoyed discovering  how Anglo Saxon settlements operated with families working hard on their farms and trading produce and favours. The class engaged in more role play as they grouped together in families and were given cards with different problem scenarios written on them. The families then had to negotiate with each other to solve problems and help each other. This session was great fun, noisy and revealing…it would seem that we have our very own dodgy dealing Arthur Daley  in Oaks class!  Our final Anglo Saxon activities involved dying wool with all sorts of plant materials and weaving cloth from wool (see photos above).

Next week we will be bracing ourselves for  Viking raids and the onset of a new historical era, our final gym session on `flight off hands`, the second round of the Davison Cup (weather permitting) and the year 6 trip to Sturminster High School to construct their moving toy designs.



January 14th.

January 19th, 2018

On  Monday the 14, Oaks class were working hard on their written arguments, which were about anything they were interested in.

In maths they were multiplying and dividing  fractions .

On Wednesday a man from the Rotary Club came in to talk about Shelter Box, which is a box containing a large tent (which as you may  have noticed was in the school playground) and lots of accessories for surviving. Also he talked about people who experienced natural disasters and why they needed the Rotary Club to give them shelter, water and food. Over the next week we will be doing some work on the shelter box tent and hopefully be able to go inside it. Thanks to the children who helped put the tent up.

On Thursday, Archie Downie went off to the county cross country competition and ran 3 km. He did extremely well, finishing in a good time and in the middle of the field which included over 100 children from yr 6 and 7.

Friday was a busy day. Four year sixes: Amy Frampton, James Andrews, Jess Evans and Natty Quinnell represented us in a maths challenge at Bryanston school (the results will be on next weeks blog), and the year 5s had a fantastic afternoon at Sturminster High School making their mechanical models.

By Amelia Sharples.









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