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Assessement Week with Oaks

November 16th, 2017

DSCN0360[1]DSCN0361[1]        This week,we have been doing assessments!We did maths tests and spelling tests.After this,we are feeling very  tired! Everyone brought their mascots and hoped they brought us good luck.We are sure that we did well because the teachers said that we did great! We also painted our pots this week.

By Lewis. 

November 16th, 2017


Oaks Blog

This week, we have been very busy starting our new topic The Anglo-Saxons. On Wednesday, we started playing an invasion game which taught us about how invading is not as simple as it looks. The next day, we made Saxon funeral pots with abstract designs with the help of Mr Maley. In Literacy we have been working on biographical and autobiographical accounts. We have been learning about conjunctions, clauses and phrases.


What a Busy Half Term!

October 24th, 2017

Our new class bloggers are Lewis and Maisy. Thanks to them for keeping our blog up to date!


In literacy  this term, we have been doing classic fiction and poetry. We have thoroughly studied Rudyard Kipling`s `The Jungle Book` and  his `Just So Stories.` These were linked to our science which was `Evolution and Inheritance.`

Our homework was to make and bring in a project based on adaptation. Some of us made models and some wrote and drew pictures. These projects are on display in our classroom. Feel free to come and have a look!





These projects also linked to our RE: In RE we have been thinking about The Creation and Science and how they fit together. We have had visitors in to share their ideas and beliefs and we have watched videos of famous scientists talking about their views. We found this very interesting but quite difficult to understand and make decisions about.



In art we have been doing collages of the jungle hiding a tiger. After that we used water colours to paint the Creation Story and lastly, linked to science, we have painted the big bang explosion using various paints. We blew through straws to create the explosion effect.



We also celebrated European Language Day:                                                                                                                                      DSCN0145DSCN0151



Each class of the school was given a language to learn about for European day. Our class was chosen to do Spanish but we weren’t learning normal Spanish we were doing `Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes `in Spanish. When it came to European day, Oaks made Spanish flags and even tried Spanish food. Finally, we went into the hall to sing our song and listen to the other classes



On the Day of the big storm, we took photographs of the weird sun and we wrote about how it made us feel.DSCN0157


We nominated our School Bronze Ambassadors and they went to St Mary`s to be trained up as Sports Leaders.








To finish off a really busy half term we went for a fantastic welly walk with our buddies from Acorns.


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