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Music at St Nicholas! 

We have a love of music at St Nicholas and many of our children sing or play an instrument.

We currently have a wonderful group of peripatetic teachers who offer tuition in:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Recorders

We also have a very successful school choir that performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2013 alongside 1300 other children from Dorset. They also had an opportunity to sing at ‘Music at the Manor’ in July and in doing so helped to raise money for Youth Cancer. Every year they also get an opportunity to perform at the annual choral day at Clayesmore. They are led by two of our parents, Mr Blake and Mrs Horner who work their magic every Monday after school! They really do inspire the children and the sound they produce is wonderful!

We also hold musical cafes every month to give the children an opportunity to perform in front of a small audience before taking to big the stage for our annual musical evening in the Summer Term.

We also have a mini orchestra led by one of our governors and teacher at Clayesmore , Mr James Smith. In addition to this he also supports the teaching of Music at St Nicholas in upper KS2 and is a great asset to the school in helping to keep music alive at St Nicholas

Our Year 4 pupils also receive a term of musical tuition from the Dorset Music Service and six of these pupils then receive further free tuition for a term, in year 5.

If you are interested in your children learning an instrument please contact the school office.


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