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Key Information


School Organisation 2017-2018

Assessment and Achievement 

Achievement of Pupils 2016 -2017

Governors Action Plan 2017-2018 

Governor Action Plan 2017-2018

Review of Governors Action Plan 2016- 17

Governor Action Plan 2016-2017

School Development Plans and Reviews 

School Development Plan 2017-18PDF

School Development Plan Summary 2017-18PDF

Review of SDP 2016-17 ( Read in conjunction with the following document: Outcomes 2017 Achievement and Standards )

Outcomes 2017 (1)

School Development Plan 2016-17

Review of the 2015-2016 School Development Plan


Safeguarding audit 2017-18

Safeguarding Action Plan 2017-2018

Self Evaluation Form  Whole School 2017-2018 

Last reviewed : September 2017 

St Nicholas CE VA Primary School Information Sheet

St Nicholas CE VA Primary School Self Evaluation Form Overview

St Nicholas CE VA Primary School Self Evaluation Form Data Summary 2017-2018



Self Evaluation Form Early Years 

Quality of provision in EYFS 2018

This is a working document . Next review date: April 2018

Quality of Provision in the Early Years 2016-17

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-2017 

Pupil Premium Statement 2017-18 Spring update

This is a working document: Next review date: April  2018

Pupil-Premium REVIEW pdf

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

Annual Parent Questionnaire 2017

Annual Parent Questionnaire March 2017

This year ( March 2018) we have asked parents to complete our annual questionnaire using Parent View.



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