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Changes to Autumn Term 2017 Menu – Update from Local Food Links


Please note that based on feedback we  have made the following changes to the current menu;


Pork Steak  this will now be replaced with  Gammon Steak on these dates;


  • ·         Tuesday 7th November
  • ·         Tuesday 28th November


Also the Tex Mex is proving to be an unpopular meal choice so we have decided to  remove this from the menu and replace on the following dates with;


  • ·         Tuesday 16th November Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with Pasta and Sweetcorn


  • ·         Thursday 7th December Beef Lasagne with Sweetcorn


  • ·         Thursday 4th January Chicken in Tomato Sauce  with Pasta and Sweetcorn



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