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Ash class poems. Please Mrs Butler.

March 15th, 2017

IMG_2590[1] IMG_2592[1] IMG_2596[1] IMG_2598[1] IMG_2601[1] IMG_2602[1] IMG_2603[1] IMG_2604[1] IMG_2606[1] IMG_2607[1]Ash class have been reading the Alan Alberg poem ‘Please Mrs Butler’, about a harassed teacher dealing with endless complaints about the boy Derek Drew, who annoys the other children. As the complaints mount up, Mrs Butler’s solutions become more and more extreme. The children thought of other classroom crimes Derek Drew could have committed, and more extreme solutions for Mrs Butler, then each wrote their own verses. Here are some of them. (I cannot get them to rotate and appear upright; I have no idea why!)


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