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January 23rd, 2018

Acorns have been working hard on their number recognition the past couple weeks with the aid of Numicon.

Today (Tuesday 23rd) we explored the Shelter Box tent which has been put up in our school grounds. The children tried to imagine how they would feel if their home had been destroyed in a natural disaster e.g. a flood or earthquake and a tent was their temporary home. The children came up with some good vocabulary to describe how they would feel. We ended the session with a blindfold activity whereby one Acorn was blindfolded (pretending that they had no power or light in their house as a result of a disaster) and they were guided by a friend (safely!) to the other side of the room, avoiding any obstacles.

The children enjoyed the session (particularly getting our feet a bit soggy in the tent and walking across the makeshift ‘bridge’ to avoid getting the tent muddy!!!).

Miss Ireland

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