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World Book Day fun

March 13th, 2018

See below photos of some of the things we got up to last Thursday for World Book Day.

Acorns dressed up as characters from The Three Little Pigs. We did a little science experiment to see if we could ‘huff and puff’ enough to move objects made of different materials. We ended the day by making piggy biscuits!

The maths games at home we’re trialling seem to be successful so far. Please ensure your child returns their game on a Monday so that we can send it out to a new child on a Tuesday. Feel free to share any photos you have of you & your child playing the maths game at home & I can post it on here!

Miss Ireland



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February 25th, 2018

Acorns enjoyed a talk at the end of last half term by Maggie’s Grandad, Graham, who’s a diver. The children learnt loads & enjoyed looking at all the photos. They even got to hold some artifacts brought up from a 100 year old shipwreck! This included an old comic strip and some china doll ornaments.

Acorns finished making their underwater worlds last week – we added the finishing touches by making a sea snake each. Thanks for sending in shoe boxes! These will be sent home later in the term.

On Wednesday Acorns had a fab day with their Year 6 buddies, making Picasso-inspired masks using mixed media. The results were amazing -take a look in our school library to see the finished works. It was lovely to see the two different aged groups working together to create their own masterpieces!

World Book Day is on Thursday – looking forward to seeing the Acorns in their Three Little Pig outfits!!!

Details of our all-new maths games to play at home with your child to follow tomorrow…

Miss Ireland

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Number lines & building arks!

January 31st, 2018

Acorns have had a busy week so far…

We’ve been learning how to order numbers up to 10 (and for some of us to 20!) on a number line in maths.

In our RE lesson on Tuesday with Mrs Pike we learnt the story of Noah’s Ark and set about building some arks ourselves using class resources.

I’ve included the photo which will appear shortly in the Daily Echo of the class..lovely smiley faces all round! :-)

We’ll set about making a start on our underwater worlds tomorrow. Thank you to all those who’ve brought a shoe box in!

Miss Ireland

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